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Winter collection for homeless animals

Winter is an extremely difficult time for animals living in shelters. Rain, snow, and freezing temperatures give them a really hard time!

Wipasz employees decided to help and organized a “Winter Collection.”

In addition to dog and cat food, they also collected blankets, quilts, and pillows to provide animals with warm beds for the cold winter nights. By doing so, they showed that by sharing seemingly unnecessary things, it is possible to make it easier for animals to survive the winter.

They also remembered about toys, which will surely be enjoyed by animals in shelters – not just the youngest.

Accessories and dog food went to the dogs of in Sierotkowo in Barczewo – Sierotki Violki, while cat food will fill the tummies of animals in the Kocie Piece Association in Szczytno. Thanks to the commitment of all our employees, winter this year will not be so bad.

On behalf of all four-legged friends, we sincerely thank you for your support!