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Feed Snails

The key to success in snail farming is first and foremost nutrition. Based on the knowledge of our specialists, we have created a whole range of products for this species.

Adequate fineness of the ingredients and balanced parameters guarantee proper reproduction, rearing, and fattening of animals. We provide shipping for orders of 25 kg and more, for orders of more than 2,000 kg, transportation is free. Breeders will find feeds for every stage of snail breeding in our offer:

  • Ślimak reprodukcja – intended for feeding snails during the reproductive period
  • Ślimak odchów – intended for feeding snails from hatching to the 60th day of life
  • Ślimak tucz – from the 60th day of life until the end of fattening

Feed Rabbits

Rabbits are herbivores and the structure of their digestive system differs significantly from the digestive tract of other farm animals.

These animals require extremely safe and high-quality feed based on the content of the right fractions of crude fiber. We use properly selected and diverse raw materials for production, ensuring a precisely balanced feed. Rabbit feeds come in pelleted form. The state-of-the-art vacuum greasing technology used in the production of rabbit feed ensures high durability of pellets, which increases intake and reduces feed losses on the farm. Our product range includes all technological groups found in rabbit breeding:

  • Królik Starter Gastro – a feed for rabbits with mothers from the 25th to the 50th day of life
  • Królik Grower – a feed given more than 10 days before slaughtering
  • Królik Finisher – a feed given less than 10 days before slaughtering
  • Królik Reprodukcja – a feed for pregnant females and nursing mothers