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Our products for pigs have been trusted by farms across the country for more than two decades. Our large product portfolio includes feeds intended for closed-cycle farms as well as piglet and fattening pig producers.

In addition to complete feeds, we also offer products for the production of farmers’ own feeds, such as complementary and mineral compound feeds, cereals, middlings, oils, and feed additives.

Our qualified nutrition specialists and veterinarians provide comprehensive support to farmers at every stage of feeding. Thanks to laboratory testing of raw materials used at farms, we can develop optimal feed formulations. Customized feeding programs, tailored according to the genetics of the animals and the available raw materials, help solve potential problems and ensure excellent production results at minimal cost.

In addition, we are also involved in pig contract farming, providing the delivery and financing of piglets, nutritional and veterinary services, technical service, and collection of fattening pigs.


Complete feeds

The balanced composition of complete feeds fully meets the nutritional needs of animals of different genetic lines kept in a variety of conditions. Our 4 product lines allow us to tailor the feeds to our customers’ individual needs..


The two lines of the STANDARD and PLUS complete feeds, and the 2%, 3%, and 5% mineral compound feeds from the Witalmix line are a composition prepared by our experts with the needs of sows in mind.


The feeding of piglets is an important yet difficult part of pig farming. During the early period of their lives, piglets form their immunity, which directly affects their health and growth rate in the later phase of fattening.


Concentrates intended for farms with wet feeding systems.

We create products according to the individual needs of the farmers, taking into account the raw materials available on the farm. All raw materials to be used in the production of feed are examined in detail to determine their feed value.

MokroMix products are used in formulations in varying proportions depending on the availability of cereals, protein raw materials, and the dry matter content of the finished feed. They can be balanced for each farm according to individual farmer expectations and the nutritional needs of the animals, depending on their genetics, weight, and age.

The main advantage of wet feeding is the ability to reduce the cost of the ration.