We believe that supporting those in need is a natural continuation of the idea of a healthy and better life, as well as an expression of social responsibility and sensitivity.

Our “Wipasz Helping Hand” Foundation was established in 2010, and its beneficiaries are primarily children who, for various reasons, cannot develop their passions and fulfill their childhood dreams. Since 2023, we have also been conducting a wide-ranging “Seniors in Need” campaign intended to benefit seniors who are often ailing and lonely, and who are increasingly faced with the dramatic choice of “buying either medicines or food.”

The amount of support provided by the Foundation is

0 000 000,00 PLN
as of June 20, 2023.

We all have the same
needs and dreams:
to be healthy and to have a sense of security
and social belonging.
It’s worthwhile to help.

You can support the activities of
the Wipasz Helping Hand Foundation
by donating any amount of money.

Fundacja Wipasz Pomocna Dłoń
: Wadąg 9, 10-373 Olsztyn, Poland
KRS no.: 0000361476, District Court in Olsztyn, VIII Commercial Division
Bank account: PKO S.A. 95 1240 5598 1111 0010 3452 1503
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