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What determines the highest quality of the Green Farms Chicken meat is the welfare during its breeding. Natural light, freedom of movement, perches, anti-stress toys, and the best quality of natural food are the standard at the Green Farms. The Green Farms project is a long-term investment by Wipasz S.A. that sets the only right direction for the development of animal farming.

Our chickens at the Green Farms are provided with:

natural sunlight

100% vegetable feed

anti-stress toys

perches and platforms

greater freedom of movement

litter that allows foraging

All Green Farms Chicken products come from antibiotic‑free farming.

Learn about the philosophy of our Green Farms

All Green Farms Chicken products are on offer in the Lidl store chain

Chicken fillet
with inner fillet
grade A

Chicken thighs and drumsticks mix
grade A

Chicken wings
grade A

Let’s create a good climate

We care about the environment, so we replaced plastic packaging with easily recyclable paper trays. There is up to 80% less plastic in each of our trays! Interestingly, the tray itself was also made from recycled materials.

Top film

dispose of in the yellow container

Chicken meat

prepare your favorite dish

Tray lining film

dispose of in the yellow container

Paper tray

dispose of in the blue container


The Green Farms’ standard combines animal welfare, care for the environment, and concern for consumer health. It was developed thanks to a combination of our years of experience, the knowledge of industry professionals, and the support of our Polish Chicken Research Center.

farms supplied with green energy from photovoltaic systems

innovative ventilation system for constant fresh air supply

automatic watering and feeding system

use of water heaters

good thermal insulation

Polish Chicken Research Center

We have created something that has never been done before – a facility that is unique in Europe!

Research objectives:

Improving production performance in conjunction with improving animal welfare

Setting trends in animal husbandry

Creating business models for farmers

Offering consumers the highest quality chicken meat

Breeding animals without antibiotics