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We commit a lot of our energy and resources to build a safe future for us and future generations. In our daily operations, we remember that we are part of a larger group, so we care about the environment and people.

Where Wipasz thrives,
the whole community thrives.


We constantly implement technological innovations and develop the Green Farms project to minimize the environmental impact of our production. We invest in renewable energy sources, and thanks to our own Institute, we develop and implement solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.
In addition to the main development vision, we have local strategies tailored to each region’s environment.

We constantly monitor and demonstrate our progress toward environmental neutrality. We are looking forward to posting here our first comprehensive CSR report, which we are currently working on.


We create knowledge and share it for free! We regularly publish the “Our Wipasz” and “Safety Food” magazines and organize Wipasz Academies with world-class experts in poultry, pig, and cattle breeding.

In addition, we hold meetings with farmers and breeders to discuss the future of Polish agriculture and the opportunities and threats to the domestic market.

Meeting with farmers and breeders are an invaluable time to exchange experiences.

Read the latest issue of the Safety Food magazine

Code of ethics

Wipasz’s values are loyalty, integrity, professionalism, and social responsibility. They form the foundation of our Code of Business Ethics and translate into our way of working.
We always act in accordance with the principle of fair play. We understand the needs of our Employees and Contractors, and respect their cultural differences. We believe that fair competition drives the economy. The key to our success is the passion and commitment of all our Employees. We love to create our products and take on new challenges. Your trust gives us the energy to keep growing.