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We have specialized in poultry nutrition for more than 20 years. Our wide range of products includes feeds and premixes intended for broilers, laying hens, waterfowl, and turkeys. Our product lines guarantee excellent raw material composition and optimal balance of ingredients.

Our sales team consists of qualified professionals such as zootechnicians and veterinarians. As a result, we not only provide our customers with high-quality feed, but also share our knowledge and industry experience, which is enriched by numerous tests conducted on reference farms.

During routine visits, we make a detailed assessment of the zootechnical and health status of the flock. This allows us to prepare the right feed mix for a particular flock.

To farmers looking for comprehensive solutions, we offer contract farming agreements that include feed delivery, chick delivery, professional veterinary care, and chicken pickup.


Our systematically developed broiler feeding program allows broiler breeding characterized by high weight gains at low feed conversion.

Laying hens

Our feeding programs for laying hens allow the full exploitation of the genetic potential of birds while maintaining excellent condition and health. Optimal nutrient levels are tailored to each phase of production.

Water fowl

The water fowl feeding program was developed based on the latest knowledge and nutritional requirements of ducks and geese for fattening. It is designed to cover the nutritional needs regarding all nutrients during both the bird growth and the bird fattening periods, which enables the proper development of the body and the final production results for birds.


The key to maximizing the genetic potential of turkeys is to keep feed intake as low as possible while maintaining proper bird health and condition. Our feeding program makes it possible to achieve high slaughter yields with a balanced growth rate.


ProWital – professional premixes for poultry

We dedicate the ProWital line of poultry premixes to customers who produce their own feed.

The line includes:

  • Prowital KW Standard – an optimal balance of price and composition
  • Prowital KW – a flagship product with high levels of amino acids and micronutrients, contains the latest enzymatic solutions
  • Prowital KW ŁAPA – a premix for flocks with feet quality problem
  • Prowital IBN – a line of premixes for turkeys with high mineral phosphorus content
  • Prowital Viacid – a multifunctional acidifier with protection against anaerobic bacteria
  • Prowital Herbasorb – a mycotoxin absorbent supporting liver detoxification
  • Prowital Hydro RS – a natural growth stimulator

The above products come in concentrations of: 4%; 2,5%; 1,25%; and 0,5%.

High levels of amino acids and their proper proportion, combined with a comprehensive vitamin package, are the way to achieve economic and healthy breeding.