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000 000
of grain storage capacity
00 000
of dried corn per day
0 milion
of feed per year

Tasty and healthy feed starts with high-quality feedstocks. We source high-quality grains mostly from Polish farmers. Each buying station is equipped with technology that allows for instant verification of the quality parameters of the grain we purchase. We choose only those that meet our requirements.

For almost 30 years, we have been experts in the purchase, professional preservation, and storage of grain, as well as drying of corn.


The authentic quality of our feeds is confirmed by the certificates we hold, which were issued after rigorous audits covering the path from the feedstock to the final product.

We develop responsible Polish agriculture

On our farm in Warnikajmy, we test new ways to grow crops in an environmentally friendly way. Then we share our knowledge with farmers.

See what we are currently working on!

Polish protein

Polish farmers are able to replace 40% of currently imported soybean meal with Polish protein crops. The European Green Deal will additionally promote the cultivation of plants from the legume family.

Corn cultivation in Poland

The FAO number should be precisely matched to the sowing region, so that the corn fully completes its growth cycle and is mature by the harvest.