Wipasz in numbers

  • 1 million tons
    1 million tonsof feed a year
  • 1000 tons
    1000 tonsof chicken meat a day
  • 600 thousand tons
    600 thousand tonsof grain store capacity
  • 3000
  • 6
    6feed plants

Wipasz S.A. is the biggest Polish manufacturer of animal feed and a leader in production of fresh chicken meat. The company is 100% Polish-owned. Wipasz sells approx. 1 million tons of poultry, pig, and cattle feed a year and produces 1000 tons of chicken meat a day.

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Quality policy

Wipasz puts the safety and customers’ satisfaction in the first place. The highest quality of the products and the reliability of the company performance are confirmed by the following certificates:

  • VLOG


    A standard for food makers, processors, and traders that confirms that a product does not contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients or additives made from GMO's. VLOG - refers to the chain of supply, grains, vegetables, fruit, and animal products.

  • GMP+


    A standard that ensures safety of animal feed at all links of the feed chain. The system complies with relevant laws and the ISO 9001 standard, and refers to the HACCP food safety system.

  • KZR INiG

    KZR INiG

    A system for certification of biomass that is used on all stages of the process of production of bioenergy and biofuels.

  • QS


    A system that ensures safety of food and animal feed. Control at each stage of the production process, all the way to the final product found by customers on store shelves.

  • BRC


    BRC – the global standard of food safety run by the British Retail Consortium. It covers the whole supplying chain by four linked standards, which includes detailed requirements which have to be met by all suppliers who want to produce, pack, store and distribute the products under the retail private label. BRC Global Standard requires the implementation of the HACCP system.

  • QAFP


    Quality Assurance for Food Products - procedures that guarantee not only safety but also highest quality of food.

  • IFS


    IFS (International Food Standard) - the main goal is to confirm the safety and quality of the product, but also its conformity with the applicable laws and regulations. IFS standardises the requirements and secures the traceability of the whole supplying chain, from the raw material to the final product.

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