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Our cattle products stand out in the market due to their high quality and innovation, as evidenced by the numerous awards won at industry trade fairs and the recommendation of the Polish Association for Buiatrics. Wipasz is a pioneer in the use of protected vitamins and amino acids in compound feeds for cattle.

Our product range includes a wide selection of products intended for dairy cattle, calves, and beef cattle, both in the GMO standard and in the GMO-FREE version. We produce our GMO-FREE feeds in a separate certified plant located in Wadąg near Olsztyn.

We are aware that cattle nutrition is a challenge for both farmers and nutrition advisors. That is why our experienced team of zootechnicians and veterinarians is working hard to improve farm performance. For this purpose, we have developed a special ration scheduling program (INRATION) and carry out volumetric testing of feeds in our laboratory.

Dairy cattle

Available GMO-FREE products

Beef cattle

Available GMO-FREE products


Available GMO-FREE products