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Summary of the ANUGA 2023 Fair

After a 4-year break in our participation as an exhibitor, we returned to the ANUGA trade fair, which was held in October 2023 in Cologne. It can be said that Wipasz made a revolution at this year’s fair. First and foremost, this happened because of the promotion of our philosophy related to the Green Farms and the unique booth that attracted the attention of many visitors from around the world.

From the first day of the fair, our booth attracted crowds of current and potential customers. The sales, marketing, and R&D teams was present for all 5 days of the fair, and on Monday and Tuesday we were joined by colleagues from the technology, purchasing, and production departments. Of course the fair was attended by our President Józef Wiśniewski and his deputy Wojciech Ściana, who honored us with their presence. A total of 37 people from Wipasz participated in the fair. We did all this to share with the world our ideas, development direction, plans, and strategy that we have been pursuing for several years in building our brand Green Farms and its sales in the form of meat and Convenience products.

The goal for the fair were clear from the beginning: to go in the largest possible group, to make a broad presentation, and to reach the maximum number of people with the Green Farm message. It is safe to say that the goal has been achieved, and the number of almost 700 different customers with whom we held meetings clearly confirms how much work we have done together. Now it is time to translate our actions into sales as soon as possible and to prove, especially to consumers, how good and healthy is the meat we produce and how tasty the Convenience products are.

We would like to thank everyone for their time, visits, and conversations, which we also had over a shared meal. We hope that you enjoyed the dishes served. It was a pleasure to meet you, and in many cases to see you for the first time. Let us continue to grow together and we hope to see you again!