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Wipasz became a member of the British Frozen Food Federation

Wipasz S.A. has become a member of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), an elite group of representatives of the frozen food sector. The Federation, with a history of more than 75 years, has more than 300 members representing major manufacturers, the UK’s largest retail chains, importers, exporters, restaurateurs, distributors, brokers, and other businesses (e.g., logistics service providers and technology providers). One of the main goals of the Federation is to bring together representatives of the full chain to create an effective network.

The BFFF cooperates with representatives of industry associations and non-governmental organizations, as well as with public and government organizations, actively consulting on government projects and preparing the interpretation of regulations. It supports its members in the promotion of their activities and their communication, providing expert support on quality, technology, and occupational safety and health issues. The common denominator in the activities of BFFF members is the operation of a frozen food business, and it is frozen products that make up 100% of Wipasz Convenience range. Also, the UK market accounts for 30% of the volume of products sold by Wipasz.

The priorities that Wipasz has set in its philosophy, i.e. better animal welfare and sustainability, are in line with the Federation’s policy. At Wipasz Convenience, we know that frozen chicken products maintain all their flavor and nutritional value. The excellent quality of the ingredients, including the most important one – meat, combined with state-of-the-art production technology, ensures that the dish tastes as good at the customer’s home as it does in a recognized restaurant. This is what customers are looking for today, since their habits have been significantly altered as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, conscious consumers appreciate convenient forms of packaging and a long shelf life, which allows them to consciously manage the right amount of product needed to prepare a dish, thus reducing waste.

As a member of the BFFF, we fully support the awareness campaign that the Federation conducted from October 16 to October 25 called Frozen Food Revolution.  The campaign was intended for British consumers and emphasized the advantages of frozen products related to their quality as full-value meals, their ease of preparation straight from the freezer, the reduction of food waste and use of packaging – briefly speaking, to the fact that they are environmentally friendly products. At the same time, the fact was stressed that the lower prices of frozen products compared to refrigerated ones are only due to cheaper logistical solutions, transportation, and storage of goods with a longer shelf life, and not to the lower quality of the product.

We are confident that the promotional campaign will be successful in increasing the demand for frozen products, including Wipasz Convenience products, which we will strive for as an active member of the Federation.